The application of hydrogen energy is not only covering the industrial use but also power plants, environmental technology, aerospace, and many other areas. Liquid hydrogen, especially, is one of the most condensed energy sources, and it is extremely efficient for storage and transport of large amount while enabling long running time for high performance machine and vehicles.

Metavista USA, LLC. will introduce a series of new products and technologies utilizing the fusion of cryogenic, liquid hydrogen, and control system software technologies.

Hydrogen (Liquid Hydrogen) Energy Business

Infrastructure for manufacturing, transfer, storage, and
recharging stations
  • Liquid hydrogen manufacturing and sales
  • Production and sales of the transport trailers and storage tank
  • Mobile/stationary recharging stations
  • Hydrogen liquefaction plant
  • Hydrogen Generator EPC
Energy Infrastructure

Infrastructure for manufacturing, transfer, storage, and recharging stations

Using liquid hydrogen as an energy source and
cryogenic technology
  • Aerocraft (unmanned/manned)
  • Power systems (land/sea/underwater)
  • Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Production and sales of cryogenic storage containers and other applications

Using liquid hydrogen as an energy source and cryogenic technology

Liquid hydrogen, cryogenic technology development / plant design services and consulting
  • Government and enterprise development services
  • Consultation for hydrogen liquefaction plant design and industrial solutions
  • Hydrogen recharging station design and solution
  • Technology consulting services
Technical Consulting

Liquid hydrogen, cryogenic technology development / plant design services and consulting

Energy Infrastructure


Design and construction of medium and large hydrogen liquefaction plants over the world.

○ Medium-sized hydrogen liquefaction plant

- Localization of the liquefaction technology for hydrogen as well as other gases such as liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, natural gas, propane, and etc.

- Production capacity of 50 ~ 300L per hour

○ Large scale hydrogen liquefaction plant

- Liquid hydrogen is the ultimate energy source for past and future space projects.

- We have the latest technologies and expertise in production and distribution of the large amount of liquid hydrogen.

- Plan to form 100 million USD worth of Korean national projects (consortium between Korean industries, academia, and government)

- Contribution to Korean space program regarding fuel containers and rocket propellant management technologies

Mobile liquid hydrogen recharging stations

○ Automobile manufacturers compete to release hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

○ Stationary recharging stations are expensive (approx. 3 million USD)

○ Technical difficulties and challenges exist for compressing hydrogen to 875 atmospheric pressure for charging.

○ 50~100 charges per day is required to be financially beneficial for each recharging station. Compressed hydrogen gas cannot satisfy the volume requirement.

○ Liquid hydrogen stored near atmospheric pressure requires less energy to maintain while holds larger amount of hydrogen compared to the compressed one.

○ Mobile hydrogen recharging stations are relatively inexpensive (approx. 1-2 million USD) compared to stationary ones (approx. 2.5~3 million USD).

○ Liquid hydrogen changes to the gas as fueled into vehicle’s tank up to 700 atm very rapidly.

○ Very compact in size - can be set up in a trailer

○ Does not require additional compressor or cooling system

○ Key facility for the initial stage of hydrogen recharging station promotion

Medium/large-scale high-efficiency liquid hydrogen storage tanks and tank lorries

○ Cryocooler-equipped portable hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, helium liquefier

○ Applicable in basic science research, human body organ and tissue storage, seed long-term storage, sperm bank, bio industry, food processing, firefighter safety equipment, medical emergency equipment, superconductor research, telecommunication equipment, military infrared sensor cooling, cryogenic surgery and etc.

○ Turn Key system makes it easy for general users to operate

○ High profit ration products for domestic and export biz: typical MSRP of 100 million ~ 1 million USD

○ We have all the core technologies required for liquefaction, storage, transmission, precision flow and storage control techniques.


Liquid hydrogen tank for drones


Liquid hydrogen powered drones using NASA space technology
(liquid hydrogen fuel tank and dedicated charging system)

By applying new materials, innovative design and manufacturing methods, and utilizing the world best applied technology accumulated over the past 20 years in cryogenic engineering field, we will produce the world’s best performance liquid hydrogen drones. It is recognized as one of the most important issues in liquid hydrogen application.

Use special materials developed for NASA’s space launch vehicle and spacecraft to build Ultra-light, Super-strength liquid hydrogen fuel tanks for drones
Precision hydrogen flow and power control using Spacecraft Thermal Management Engineering for spacecraft and satelite design technology
Artificial inteligence liquid hydrogen filing system that considers user’s safety and convenience
Customized Conformal Shape fuel tank manufactured in freeform shape and size to meet user’s requirement

○ More than 5 world patent registration expected

- Combination of special material and new manufacturing methods for ultralight and high strength liquid hydrogen fuel tank

- New manufacturing method of super-insulated liquid hydrogen tank

- Innovative insulation method of liquid hydrogen tank applying latest NASA technology

○ Prototype schematics

‘Flight time of Liquid hydrogen drones surpasses all the possible fuel to use for drones.
Maximum flight time with battery : 20 min
Maximum flight time with gas hydrogen : 4hrs
Expected flight time with liquid hydrogen : up to 12 hrs
Fuel system weight (kg) :
Fuel system volume : :
Max Flight time : :
25 min per battery (1 battery per Drone)
Drone/multi-copter : :
Fuel system structure : :
Remarks : :
⦁ Flight time : ~20 min.
⦁ 20 batteries are required to produce 1kWH of power
⦁ Current drones are only able to carry one 500g battery
Fuel system weight (kg) :
Fuel system volume : :
Max Flight time : :
4~5 hrs
Drone/multi-copter : :
Fuel system structure : :
Remarks : :
⦁ Theoretical flight time : 4-5 hrs
⦁ Safety risks due to high pressure tanks
⦁ Increase in overall weight due to tank weight
Fuel system weight (kg) :
< 2kg
Fuel system volume : :
Max Flight time : :
10~12 hrs
Fuel system structure : :
Remarks : :
⦁ 10-12 hrs flight time
⦁ Previously impossible missions become possible
⦁ Rechargeable within 1-2 min.


Technical Consulting


Design Capability
■ Public & private sector projects
○ Attract government and KEPCO fundings
■ Integrated solution consulting in design and construction of hydrogen liquefaction plant, hydrogen filing station and etc.
○ Consulting through system design and HW/SW integrated development
■ Large scale Government projects Joint efforts with public/private research institutes and universities
■ Unique establishment of a joint research institute with NASA will secure unsurpassed global position in related services such as liquefield hydrogen technology advisory and safety inspections. It leads PM orders and technical advisory projects from related organizations.